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At Bankwest, we understand that everyone is working towards a goal. Big goals, small goals, and everything-in-between goals. And every single step is hugely important. So wherever you’re heading, the journey is easier with Bankwest

We certainly know a thing or two about making banking easier, after all, we were established in 1895 by the Government of Western Australia to help develop the State’s farming industry. Things have changed a lot since then, but one thing that remains the same is our commitment to making banking easier for our customers.


The Department provides a range of child safety and family support services to Western Australian individuals, children and their families, from the Kimberley to the Great Southern regions of the State.

The Department for Child Protection and Family Support was established in 2007, as a result of the recommendations of a review of the former Department for Community Development, while its history and core functions stretch back to 1882 when it was the Poor Relief Department. Since its establishment, the Department has benefited from a substantial funding investment from Government and has undergone a period of significant reform. Many of the reforms have been completed, resulting in the Department working more collaboratively with its government and community services sector partners. Some longer term projects remain in progress.


The Education and Care Regulatory Unit (ECRU) has primary responsibility for the approval, monitoring and quality assessment of early childhood education and care services within Western Australia in accordance with the National Legislative Framework and in relation to the National Quality Standard.

Currently, there are two Senior Assessment Officers located in the Bunbury Tower providing ongoing support, compliance and assessment with regard to the Law, Regulations and the National Quality Framework.


The Southwest Education Region is committed to providing high quality and innovative education opportunities to young contemporary student’s right across the education spectrum.

Encouraging our students to confront and embrace the challenges of the society that they live in is an important building block of the public education system in Western Australia.


The Department’s Southern Regional Office, Bunbury, comprises Building Management and Works and Government Procurement services. This office provides comprehensive and professional procurement and contracting services to agencies in regional Western Australia, with the added focus of supporting regional suppliers.

The services encompass the facilitation of the procurement of goods and services for regional government agencies, along with the delivery of building maintenance services, the provision of contracting and management advice, the management of improvement and major works projects, and the assistance with long-term planning for both services and assets.

Services include goods and services procurement, maintenance and improvements, and major works construction.


WA Country Health Service (WACHS) is a State Government statutory authority under the Health Services Act 2016. WACHS comprises seven regions across the State – Goldfields, Great Southern, Kimberley, Midwest, Pilbara, South West and Wheatbelt and is supported by a central office in Perth.

Our Vision 
Healthier country communities through partnerships and innovation.

Our Purpose
WACHS improves country people’s health and well-being through access to quality services and by supporting people to look after their own health.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Consumers first in all we do
  • Safe, high-quality services and information at all times
  • Care closer to home where safe and viable
  • Evidence based services
  • Partnerships and collaboration


Legal Aid WA provides information and resources to assist the community with their legal concerns and offers a range of services aimed at target groups or individuals with particular legal problems. Assistance is designed to help people resolve their problems at the earliest opportunity, to improve their access to the law, to avoid unnecessary litigation, and to ensure that legal representation is in keeping with community expectations for fairness.

The Bunbury office specifically provides duty lawyer service to assist people at Court on criminal charges with advice and representation at the Bunbury, Busselton, Collie, Manjimup, Bridgetown, Harvey, and Margaret River Magistrates Courts. We provide ongoing legal representation through grants of Legal Aid for criminal and family court proceedings for people who meet the merit, income and asset guidelines. We also offer legal advice and minor assistance on criminal and family law matters through advice appointments, either in person or over the phone.

Opening hours are 8:30 to 4:30, Monday to Friday.


The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH) is responsible for planning Western Australia’s communities and managing our land and heritage assets.

The department is an amalgamation of the former departments of Planning, Lands, the State Heritage Office and the land and heritage functions of the former Department of Aboriginal Affairs.


The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety supports the development of a business environment that is productive, innovative, fair and safe and provides for the growth, well-being and protection of the community.

The department has six operational divisions:

  • Consumer Protection aims to give consumers and traders access to a fair and competitive market place by providing advice and assistance to the community.
  • Labour Relations aims to promote fair, flexible and productive employment practices in Western Australia that recognise the rights and obligations of both employees and employers.
  • WorkSafe operates to promote safe and healthy workplaces in Western Australia.
  • Energy Safety carries out the technical and safety regulations of electricity production, electricity transmission and distribution, electricity utilisation (consumers’ installations and appliances), gas distribution and gas utilisation (consumers’ installations and appliances).
    Building Commission works to ensure a fair and efficient building industry by consolidating building policy, building standards and practitioner registration.
  • Mines & Petroleum – refer to separate Tenant Profile below.


Regional Development Australia (RDA) is a nationwide initiative of the Commonwealth Government. RDA-South West is one of 55 offices working with State and Local Government for the betterment of regional Australia and providing a framework for reporting regional issues to Canberra as well as providing information to the region.

RDA-SW is committed to working in the best interests of the region,  employing strategies and pursuing goals identified through the SW Blueprint. Each year RDA-SW establishes a plan of activities, agreed with the Commonwealth. Budgets are set for major items but some provision for flexibility is made so the organisation can respond to emerging need and opportunities which are commonplace as government policy changes are implemented from time to time.


We are creating this site to help you find your way around the myriad of training options available in Western Australia-and there are thousands of them.

No matter where you live, your age, experience, or level of education, if you are interested in training, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to develop your career, skills and opportunities.


The South West Development Commission is part of the WA Government, and works to make the South West region an even greater place to live, work and invest. It does so by partnering with communities, government, business and industry to identify, support and drive projects that benefit the region. Developing the region’s economy and improving quality of life are key areas of focus.

The Commission provides support in a range of areas including community and economic development, business and industries, export and trade, and tourism development.


The Water Corporation is the principal supplier of water, wastewater and drainage services in Western Australia to hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses and farms, as well as providing bulk water to farms for irrigation.

Our services, projects and activities span over 2.5 million square kilometres. We have regional offices in Perth, Bunbury, Albany, Karratha, Geraldton, Northam and Kalgoorlie, which allow our employees to provide a high level of professional expertise to customers.