Podium Level Room

Meeting Room Facilities


*If requiring additional items, please itemise the furniture or equipment required in the below booking form.  Any additional items are pending availability and will be confirmed along with your meeting request by Building Management.

Make a Booking

To request a booking please select your desired date from the calendar below and the start and finish time required, remembering to include time for set-up and pack-down. On clicking ‘Book Now’ your request will be sent for approval.

Terms & Conditions

  • All booking requests are subject to approval by the Bunbury Tower Building Management Team. You will be notified as to whether your request has been approved or not via the email address you specify in the Contact Information form.
  • Tenants cannot make bookings more than 3 months in advance.
  • Should you no longer require the room, please ensure the Operations Manager is advised so the booking can be cancelled.
  • Keys may be collected from the Operations Manager not more than 30 minutes prior to the booking and returned promptly at the end of the allocated booking.
  • Bookings must include time for set-up and pack-down of the Conference Facility.
  • Please be reminded when booking a conference room you only have access to that room i.e. you cannot utilise both rooms whether same is occupied or not.
  • Note: there is no internet connection available.
  • Signage – the Conference Centre is clearly signed and no further signage regarding the tenant event may be placed in the Lift Lobby or Ground Floor Lobby area. All signage must be confined to the within Conference Facility
  • View the Conference Centre Floor Plan
  • There is a key to the main conference room entry door hanging on a hook adjacent to the light switch in the Conference Room kitchen. The door to this section is located in the Southwest corner of the corridor and has a pin code lock. The code is CX162. Please return the key to its hook after use, and notify the Building Manager, Tom van den Berg if is missing.


Prior to vacating the Conference Facilities, please can you check that the following housekeeping tasks have been completed as required.

  • Where ever and whenever possible please put the tables and chairs back into the default conference room layout as per the photos above.
  • All rubbish has been picked up and deposited into the waste bin in the kitchen area.
  • All crockery and cutlery has been cleaned and put away.
  • Should you be using the dishwasher, please ensure that same is turned on before you leave the conference facility.
  • Countertops and sink to be wiped down.
  • Turn off all lights
  • All blinds and curtain are to be open
  • Please ensure all storeroom doors are closed
  • Check prior to vacating the room that the doors are closed and locked.
  • If there are any issues with any of the housekeeping tasks detailed above, please contact the Building Manager on 0428 759 294.